What people say about us

“I just wanted to write and thank you properly for that beautiful workshop in Bristol. I loved it so much and feel deeply changed and moved by it. I only wish that I could do it all over again straightaway. I felt that I slowed down and let go a lot but I realise now that I could go so much further. I suppose that continuum is endless. It was a great life lesson in that all my life I have felt that there is never enough time and I rush around in a frenzy out of pure habit. I see now that there is always time to pause, to look, to be still, to be loving. Even in a three second pose.

During the workshop I felt like the gentle touch and lovingness that you gave and that was all around was the very voice and contact that I've yearned for all my life, and so it had a very profound effect. Your simple instruction to me in 'rough versus gentle' touch was one of the most illuminating and powerful ever - it's as though you flicked a switch and, now on, I have found more softness in myself and with those I love. So thank you. Huge huge thanks.”

HJ, Bristol March 2012

"Meriel's teaching is unique. I don't know of anyone who teaches life drawing with such freedom and vitality. With the models she creates a safe space encouraging her students to let go of what they think they know and discover the true creative within, allowing it to form on the page.

Using hands, fingers and natural instruments like bamboo reeds, goose quills, brushes and charcoal, chalk, ink, water and music, the mystery of the human form is freely explored and participants surprise themselves with the depth of their experience."

Jane Bowman, Hazelwood House

"This was a whole body and heart experience. It's tough to convey the feeling of how all this magic came together.
The weekend was an explosion of joy in slow motion. For me this was a gift. I know the other students felt the same. We had a blast! I was reminded of just how good one can feel, of how powerful it can be to surrender to the body's knowing and rhythm. Again and again I keep coming back to some version of this lesson--live in your body! The mind has its place but the body knows directly."

Patricia, Anthroposophical Society  NYC

"The Grace with which you sow the seeds of this wise, humble, generous revelation of beholding and truth – led creative response, has moved me, opened me up, tenderised me..it’s a struggle, there’s resistance, yet a stream of yearnings has been unblocked a little ( which is a lot ) by you and your inspiring team.
Thank you so much ."

Claire,  March London.

"I came as a wave crashing on the shore and leave as a silent ripple. Thank you all "

Pat,  7-day Gaunts House

"Thank you for a blissful week at Gaunts House. The quiet I experienced enabled me to see beautiful images everywhere. I reached an inner peace that has stayed with me since I returned home and I thank you and Morag for setting the stage which allowed this to happen.”

Angie, 7- day Gaunts House

.”.I now feel as if I have much more space around my heart chamber a bit like a grandfather Clocks large cabinet. Much more sound, less noise.”

Christina,  Froyle

"What a course! It was exceptional and my heart was bursting open by the end of it. Thank you so so much for your wonderful input along with your adorable Troupe. It seemed to be a microcosm of what life is, in all its aspects ….such love, joy, fun, deep silence, humour, earthiness, grief and sorrow etc… and then such tenderness and Intimacy. How can I possibly thank you for your great gift. It was priceless."

Sally, Gaunts House

"Thank you so much for a wild and reaffirming journey on drawnhome…for the next 2 nights I had the rhythms pulsating through my dreams …loosing for moments the controlling mind and instead yielding to the flood of images and rhythm that naturally flowed in to take its place. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Thank you for your energy, playfulness, courage and wildness…they speak to me."

Helen,  Gaunts House

"I want to thank you with all of my heart for the experience of drawnhome at Gaunts House a couple of weeks ago. It was extremely challenging for me. I felt great joy at being met and accepted and not judged. The art was a revelation that has opened me more deeply to myself  and enhanced my other work with immediate effect. There are no words that can touch fully the delight and profundity of being in the field of your hearts truth and power to share the divinty within."

Annie,  Gaunts House

“What a great experience. Thank-you. It's rare here for me in NYC to get so raw and real.….… A tenderness in community is how I see the blueprint you have been creating.”

Mark, NYC

“Meriel, you are really the most amazing teacher. What I really love about your workshop is that you have re-awakened in me the excitement of drawing home my innate creativity, through life drawing, and bringing it up to the conscious mind. All the models were really good, and Morag brings so much creativity that she stands out not only as a good model, but as an exceptional person, who’s partnership with you is so much part of the workshop that the experience you both bring is elevated to another level.”

Peter,  New York

“I dreaded coming to the course, because of an aversion to my taking any kind of class. I no longer wanted to be ‘taught’ and the wonderful thing is, you don’t teach – you open up possibilities.”

Mai, New York

“I have discovered a creativity that I only dreamed I had access to, and a beauty within me and others. It feels like the drawings came through me – ‘I’ didn’t do them. There is just being in the presence of beauty. This has opened up new possibilities of trust for me – that everything and everyone is perfect as they are, right now, including me.”

Daniel, Gaunts House